Before... this land grew and changed, beyond... this land will grow and change.

Colonisation and exploration opened the way for gold mining which turned the land upside down and inside out. Grazing compacted the soil and denuded the vegetation. Trees were devoured by steam powered machines to crush and batter rocks and extract specks of gold.

And yet the trees grew back, birds bought seed, good people worked tirelessly to battle the weeds, protect the remnants and revegetate. This land is scarred but strong and if you listen you will hear and feel it.


Dedicated to Doug Ralph who knew and traversed this country and had an active passion for it’s regeneration. 


Medium/ Materials:

1852 plan of the general survey from the town of Malmsbury to Porcupine Inn by Selwyn, moneybags printed with victorian maps of exploration routes, Sticky Everlasting:Xerochrysum viscosum, Diggers Speedwell: Derwentia perfoliata, Large tussock Grass: Poa labillardierei, Rock Corea: Correa gladra,Sweet Apple-berry: Billardiera cymosa Golden Wattle: Acacia pycnantha, enamel pan, kerosene lamp, mullock heap.