Migratory Bird Haven

Migratory Bird Haven is a Participatory Estuarine Laboratory developed for the Deakin Sculpture in Schools program of Lorne Sculpture Biennale 2018.  Forest Keegel worked with Lorne College Year 10 Biology students and Estuarywatch to monitor the estuary and explore the habitat requirements of the critically endangered Hooded Plover and East Asian Flyway migratory shorebirds.


The students collaboratively developed a creative response to implore visitors to St George Estuary to protect migratory and resident shorebirds.

1. A human scale seaweed nest was created. Due to the nature of working in a space that is inundated with water twice a day the original nest washed away but was recreated just out of the tides reach and visitors are invited to add seaweed to the nest

2. Sandbags printed with Hooded plover eggs and the East Asian flyway were placed just out of the tidal zone

3. Messages were written in the sand derived from Birdlife Australia information about shorebirds "Dogs on Leashes Birds on Beaches" as well as welcoming message in the vernacular of motel advertising- 'Warm cosy nest sites' 'Lots of fish to eat'

Members of the public were invited to  join the artist to monitor Estuary health and discover what humans can do to improve Shorebirds chances of survival, like walking on the high tide line to avoid accidentally stepping on a Hooded Plover’s egg.